Hangtime Hook Update

My friend Eric Johnson’s HangTime Hook is getting closer to full availability. These are final samples for the injection molding process… up to now he has been slowly making each one separately on a 3D printer in his cellar. These are now much smoother, and should be considerably more rugged as well.

The final development change was the addition of the groove and hump up front to slip over a mini-cordlock permanently installed on your hammock ridgeline. This more easily keeps the “hook” where you need it to be without slippage… I am proud to say that this was my own contribution to the design process!

The HangTime Hook not only will hold your phone or iPod, but you can clamp most anything you need in the clip… fans, lights, your glasses, etc. [My own glasses just get hung for the night by one temple thru the “buttonhole” behind the clip].  Now, I don’t particularly care about watching videos when I’m out camping, but I do love having my [expensive] phone up there safe/ high-and-dry/ and accessible, and so easy to reach up and touch to check the time or weather.

Using a little imagination and the various holes and tabs, you can attach all kind of stuff. Note the “buttonhole” feature that lets you add anything you can sew a button onto.

I really think that Eric’s HangTime Hook is one of the most useful things you can add to your hammock. I’ve been using mine now for over a year, and I know almost no-one who has gotten one who doesn’t love it.

Look for them to be available from some of the hammock distributors and makers by this Fall.

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