Hang Time Hook has been produced!

I am really excited to announce that my friend Eric Johnson’s Hang Time Hook has come out of development, through production and is now in distribution to vendors.

Eric was 3-D printing the prototypes of this in his basement, and everyone I know who saw them got one.

They are a niche product for those who use a hammock. However, if you hang in a gathered end hammock this is the balls.

The HTH allows you to hang your phone [or anything else you want] from the large clip, which then can be swiveled to whatever angle you need. [I mostly just use mine to keep my phone up and out from under me, and so I can conveniently touch it to check the time n the dark. It also works great with my GoalZero USB fan for hot nights!] Earbuds and glasses can hang off the tabs, and the large hole at the top will accept anything with a button sewn on. The whole clip can be slid along the ridgeline of the hammock and then “fixed” in place with a cordlock, but can still easily be moved as need dictates.

I suspect everyone who is going to the group hammock hang this coming weekend will be looking to pick up a finished product… I’m just hoping he brings enough in black.



A Month’s Worth of Trail Bars

Thanks mainly to the generosity of several vendors, I have assembled a wide variety of meal replacement/ snack bars to try out [until they’re gone].

Leslie Hupp from HuppyBar, Carrie Forbes from Gutsey Bars, and Elizabeth Hooks of Kate’s Real Food were quite kind to take me [and the Moosenut Falls blog] seriously enough to send out selections of each of the flavors in their full line of offerings. All of these are non-GMO, organic and, basically “responsible” eating alternatives to some of the more widely available trail food bars. I will be doing a feature on each of the lines down the road. As well, these ones at least, will be going with me to a large, group hammock hang down outside Boston next weekend… we are going to have a Trail Bar Sampling Buffet! …and that is in addition to the traditionally enormous quantities of other food we will be cooking and consuming. My man Snagglepuss will once again be bringing his full, double-door gas smoker, so the food should be truly outrageous! 

The rest of the stash shown above came from REI’s outdoor goodies rack, and the snack and breakfast bar section down at my big-box grocery. I wanted to sample some of the varieties that I have seen or heard mentioned but haven’t tried out yet, so I actually let some of the moths escape my wallet and spent money. Just for fun I am also tossing in a “HooAh” bar from my MREs and the [similar] Mocha snack bar out of an USDoD First Strike package in to the review process.

The result is that I have enough snacks to nibble one every day for nearly a month. Out of consideration for the donations from the vendors, I will be hitting up [ie: wolfing down!] their offerings ASAP, and then doing the others in a more hit-and-miss style.

Right now my real job is to keep my hands off these until I get to the hang!

[Additionally, through the willingness and generosity of some other outdoors vendors, I will also be able to contribute a “Bug Juice Buffet” to try out insect repellant offerings, and a Food-Coma-Recovery Area of “day hangers” featuring some smaller hammocks than those the majority of us use for our actual sleeping. More to come… if I survive.]

A Couple of New Sites to Check Out

Just came across these in the last few days…

ReddyYETI is a start-up promotion/ give-away site >> https://www.reddyyeti.com/ 

Discounts [25%+] from the associated vendors with a monthly membership [30 day free trial], a great variety of small companies in a wide field of interests, podcasts introducing the backstories and the folks behind the startup companies, and more.

You also can win packages worth $2500+ of seasonally selected products if you are willing to give them an email sign-up… you DO have a throw-away email account, don’t you?

Remember though… these give-aways are usually subject to MSRP rate taxes come April 15th.


Garage Grown Gear [The Experts On Outdoor Gear Startups] is an aggregator site for marketing by some of the best of the “little guys” and cottage vendors in the outdoors products lines >> https://www.garagegrowngear.com/

I found a bunch of new things that went right on my Don’t Need It, But…” List

Lots of fun new stuff to drool over on both sites… Check’em Out!

The Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia

A great view from the trail around Spruce Mountain in the Dolly Sods

[courtesy of Chris Meadows from FB]

What I love about the outdoors community online is their openness. Chris was fine with my using his photo over here, and just my mention on FB of not having been to the Sods since the 1970s garnered an invitation to join George Carr from LocoLibre Quilts in September for a trip back down there… George and I only know each other through email exchanges and here he is, willing to ask me to come along with him for an outing.

My mention of plans to relocate to North Carolina led to an immediate invite to join the Tarheel Hangers Group of hammock fans, and I’ve already had the offer of the use of someone’s mountain cabin up around Franklin, NC.