Each night I gaze upon a pond,
A zen body sitting beside a moon.
Nothing is really there and yet
It is all so clear and bright
I cannot describe it.
If you would know the empty mind
Your own mind must be as clear and bright
As this full moon upon the water.

– Chiao Jan (785–895)

Alas… I still do not possess “bodhichitta”….  Too often, my view is obscured by the branches and ripples of my daily mind. That is a primary reason I go into the wild.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
John Muir

Mighty Pretty Country


An Internet buddy of mine posted this photo of three of his Alaskan Malamutes out free and happy on the range near his home [up in the South Park of Colorado] this morning.

I have never met the man, and maybe never will. However, I know we share the love of living someplace that is far from convenient, but one that lets us wake up each morning with considerable joy for just “living” the day.

[you can check out his breeding kennel page over on the Facebook– MountainShadowsMalamutes]


I drove down the freeway
and turned off the exit
and went along the highway
til it came to a side road
til it turned to a dirt road
full of bumps and stopped.
Walked up a trail
but the trail got rough
and it faded away.
Out in the open
Everywhere to go

Gary Snyder


That’s pretty much how you find your way to Moosenut Falls…