Another Off the Tumblr

A drum, a banjo, a nice rug and table, Hudson’s Bay trade blanket, ash-woven pack basket and kerosene lanterns, Filson waxed hat…. THIS is old-school camping at its very best!

It’s what I love about canoe camping… you can take along a lot of luxuries. The funny part is I have the same hat, the same [but really, really old] blanket, a banjo, the same table and a close approximation of the rug!]



King of the Forest

Magnificent British Oak out on the Norfolk Broads in NE England.

You can see exactly why so many British oaks were cut down for use by the Navy in the 14th through the 19th centuries. Each fork in the branches would, in varying sizes, yield what was called a “knee”. These were the naturally shaped, angled reinforcements used as bracing in wooden ship construction. The massive trunks gave the frames and planking. Smaller branches became the pegs to hold it all together.

Great photo from ForresterBushcraft on the Tumblr

“Table” Rock…. nah!

As one of those fools who grew up in the NC mountains back in the late 1960s, and spent the majority of their time in that somewhat “altered” state that was so prevalent then, I can tell you full well that this is not actually called Table Rock.

It is “HippopotaMooseses Ass”.

[HippopotaMoose was a native american who was always dropping his glasses in the water]


Each night I gaze upon a pond,
A zen body sitting beside a moon.
Nothing is really there and yet
It is all so clear and bright
I cannot describe it.
If you would know the empty mind
Your own mind must be as clear and bright
As this full moon upon the water.

– Chiao Jan (785–895)

Alas… I still do not possess “bodhichitta”….  Too often, my view is obscured by the branches and ripples of my daily mind. That is a primary reason I go into the wild.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
John Muir