Leopold Rothaug (1868-1959), ‘Das irdische Paradies’ (The Earthly Paradise)


See Bryce Canyon NP

I had to share this simply because I love the fact that she has a band-aid on her thigh ! Can’t help but wonder if this came out of the Disney artists. Walt did a lot of government related work, so it’s quite possible. It just has the Disney artist “vibe” from the work around 1950, and the guys were known for their little quirky additions…

A Good Question

I like my home being well-hidden
A dwelling place cut off
From the world’s noise and dust
Trampling the grass has made three paths
Looking up at the clouds
Makes neighbor in the four directions
There are birds to help with
The sound of singing
But there isn’t anyone to ask about
The words of the Dharma today
Among these withered trees
How many years make one spring?

– Han-shan


I am more familiar with Merlin Enabnit as a “pin-up girl” and magazine cover artist, so I was delighted to find this nice alpine scene. It is always nice to see an artist in another light.

Fire Steel


Having mentioned flint and steel fire making in my earlier post,  I went and rummaged through stuff looking for one I made about 30 years ago. I wore this around my neck on a silver chain for almost 20 years before the attachment ring wore through.

This one is made out of an old square-cut house nail from a historic building I renovated down on Cape Cod. Starting out with the iron/steel that I forged into a circle with a blowtorch, I added decorations in the other historic metals… silver, copper, and bronze. Beautifying things of everyday, ordinary utility is a pleasure and a joy unto itself.

It is a little larger than a US Silver Dollar, and my thumb grips it perfectly against my index finger at the copper wrapping and open end. The striking surface is at around 7-8 o’clock,  just below the silver decorations.

Now I have to go out and find a new piece of flint. That’ll sure to be a piece of cake with about 2 feet of snow on the ground here. When I was a kid growing up in Michigan, it was everywhere. They even named a city for it… Here in Maine, I haven’t got a clue as to where to look. It sort of makes me sorry that I did the law abiding thing when I visited the National Park site at Alibates Flint Quarries down outside of Amarillo a few years ago. The First Peoples used those quarries for 13,000 years. The sign said that you shouldn’t take away pieces of the flint, so I didn’t. I struck a couple of sparks off of a piece, and put it back down.

And it looks like I ought to get out some of my metalworking gear and repair of that attachment ring. I like this too much to let it languish in a drawer.