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A drum, a banjo, a nice rug and table, Hudson’s Bay trade blanket, ash-woven pack basket and kerosene lanterns, Filson waxed hat…. THIS is old-school camping at its very best!

It’s what I love about canoe camping… you can take along a lot of luxuries. The funny part is I have the same hat, the same [but really, really old] blanket, a banjo, the same table and a close approximation of the rug!]



YuHan USB LED RGB Rope Light~ 5ft. Review

A couple of years ago I followed the LumiNoodle Kickstarter, which was successful, and which went on to become available as a retail product. Like almost all appealing gadgets these days, it has now been cloned. I picked this “YuHan” branded clone up on Amazon for $15. The identical unit is also available from other distributors. While it does not have the remote control the multicolor LumiNoodle unit has, it comes in at less than 50% of the price.

The RGB, of course, stands for red/green/blue… This is a multi-color unit, and it does have 20 different colored light “models”. Any color can be displayed as either static or dynamic, and including the multicolored cycling, there are 20 different modes of flashing and glowing.


Completely waterproof and flexible, the rope light comes packaged in a nice white drawstring bag, and includes three noodle-bead ties to strap it to lines or objects. The three blue slides are also magnetically enabled if you want to slap it on the side of a car. The modes, colors, and cycling are all controlled from the three-button widget on the line itself.


There are five levels of illumination for each color in the static modes, and five speeds in each dynamic. At the brightest level, it produces a very large amount of light from the 60 LEDs. Personally, I find the lowest level of the most rewarding.

Nicely, the bag also acts as a diffuser if you want to use it more as a lantern.





I paired mine with a five dollar “lipstick” powerbank from FiveBelow° that is rated at 2200 mA. It ran for over three hours last night without dimming.

I figure to try powering it up again each evening until the battery gives out. That should give me a good guestimate of my total burn time, but I don’t expect it will give out in a couple of hours of use each evening on a weekend camping trip… I plan to use it as a ridgeline light inside my hammock bug net.


Nearly everyone in my hammock and crowd has some kind of party lights rigged on their hammock. Not only are they kinda fun, but when you have 20 or 30 hammocks hung up in the night woods, it’s difficult to figure out which one is yours after full dark. One friend, who is a former airline pilot, had a landing light strobe hung on his last weekend. I found most of the ultralightweight wire type lights flimsy and too likely to break, and I had no interest in the ones that are shaped like plastic hula dancers or jalapeno peppers, so this it a lot more to my liking.

Fits the 90%/50% criteria, seems sturdy,  as long as the battery life is decent, I’m going to give it a shot the next time we have a group hang.


[Edit~ I ended up getting right at 9 1/2 hours of total run-time for the YuHan Light Rope utilising both static and dynamic modes… and this was with only the one full charge on the 2200mA. cheapo battery. That should be plenty for two or three nights camping. I highly recommend this one!]

Tarps, Guylines, Bling… THE Link

It scrolls down a good ways…. Best compendium of “instructables” I’ve found so far.

>the picture is the link<<

All of these images are of stuff available elsewhere on the web, like Derek’s book and page. Link is just a Google Image search. All links/images are credited on the Google page.
I just thought it was a handy reference…

It’s That Time of Year…

It has been 66 years since the badly burned bear cub who became the representation of Smokey was rescued from a New Mexico forest fire that burned 17,000 acres of the Lincoln National Forest in the Capitan Mountains, and the USFS just celebrated 75 years of using the “Smokey the Bear” character to publicize the importance of fire safety.

It has been nearly thirty years since the fire in Yellowstone NPS. The scars are still easily seen on a drive-thru tour by car.

Do your part… Be Fire Smart!

Got A New ‘Mock~~ not a camo… a Chameleon

I tried a couple times over the past few months to sell two of my hammock rigs. [Stop laughing! A lot of people I know I have at least 6 to 8 different hammocks]. I’m not sure I ever got around to putting up a post about either of these. They were both full setups… Hammock, net, tarp, suspensions. I liked them both. The thing was, that I didn’t really need either of them. I LOVE my Amok Draumr. Anyway, I put them both back up for sale a couple of weeks ago, and they both sold within 36 hours. I made a bit more back than I had in them.

My friend Dutch, of Dutchware, had just finished a $15,000 Kickstarter offering for another new style hammock. He ended up with over $200,000 in orders. I missed out on those early bird KS deals, but I was very much interested in getting one of his new “Chameleons”. I saw a couple of them back at the end of April down in Ashby, Massachusetts at a NEHHA Hang. He managed to get a lot of truly great features from a lot of other really great hammocks all condensed down into one unit. They are just a regular “banana” hammock, just really nicely kitted out. The only problem was, Dutch had so many orders already in hand that he isn’t ready to sell any Chameleons at retail yet.

Typical of so many people over on Hammock Forums, one guy ended up getting a KS Chameleon, saw a second great deal on a different hammock that he had really wanted for a long time, and decided to sell the Chameleon ASAP. I got it, together with an under quilt for an outrageously good price because he is already saved a bunch by getting in on the Kickstarter early. [He was in a hurry to make a deal to get his 2nd deal, so I ended up only paying about 70% of the retail for both the ‘mock and the UQ, plus this guy tossed in free shipping. The UQ is also brand-new, an untouchable deal even at its full retail, and something I had contemplated buying anyway. 20°F rated… he had gotten into go with the Chameleon]. I got what I wanted, he got what he wanted.

I had it shipped down to North Carolina instead of Maine because I knew I would be away for two weeks, and would be too excited to wait to see it. I had hoped to do a first hang up along the Blue Ridge Pkwy, or in the Great Smoky Mountains Park. However, it was too damp and drizzly most of the time we were up there. It never came out of the car trunk.  I did get a chance to set it up over at Morrow Mountain State Park, outside of Albemarle NC, over Memorial Day weekend. We were up at the top of the mountain, and the right-hand end there is pointing out to a 30 mile view.

I won’t bore you with details, you can look them up by checking out >> the Dutchware Kickstarter <<… Suffice it to say, it’s quite awesome.

[Oh, yeah. I had $.16 left on the dealz, and I fell asleep within 5 minutes]



The NEW Dutchware “Chameleon” Hammock

I would be less than a friend if I didn’t give my buddy Dutch a pump up on his new hammock. Originally asking for only $22,000, this Kickstarter portion of the project has now concluded with something over $200,000 in sales. All of those hammocks are currently being shipped out, and Dutch hopes to have the retail Chameleons available for order by sometime in mid June.

I had a chance to see one of the early-bird KS versions last weekend at the group hang down in Massachusetts. I was tremendously impressed. Quality construction, flexibility of use, a really nice new suspension system…. Dutchware has really nailed it on this one. They did a great job on both the hammock as well as on the on the video below. You should get a fairly good idea of exactly what’s on offer.

You will still need both a tarp and an under quilt to complete your set up, [and of course a top quilt or sleeping bag]. However, with a Chameleon as your base, you should be able to bring your entire sleeping system in at somewhere right around 4-5 pounds for three-season use.


[I received no consideration for this post. I simply want to recognize what I believe to be an astoundingly good product.]