A Fishing “Grenade!”

Recently, over on the site mysurvivalpack.com, I saw an instructable for a fishing “grenade” or “Fishing BOB”. The idea is to use a small, widemouth juice jar with fishing line wrapped around the neck and all of your bobbers, hooks, sinkers etc. stored inside. Self-contained, easy to carry, nothing to snag or stick out of your pack. Supposedly, [supposedly…] you can cast right from the neck of your grenade with a flick of the wrist. We’ll get back to you on that… I contacted the guy who runs the site and asked for permission to repost the entire instructable over here. He was nice enough to say okay. You’ll find it quoted verbatim, pictures and all, at the bottom of this post.

I could no longer find the Wyler’s drink bottles that are mentioned in his version. They seems to moved over to producing only powdered drink mixes. But I found a similar bottle of SunnyD juice down at my grocery here locally. It seems to meet the requirements… most importantly, it has that tapered-in/reduced section below the screwtop for the line to wrap around.

I packed mine up with some snelled hooks and rubber worms contained in a narrow baggie, rolled tight and secured with a twist tie. I gave the baggie a tab made out of duct tape and attached a little lanyard from it to the inside of the screwtop. One tug and the package slides right out into your hand. Sinkers and bobbers I just left loose in the bottom of the bottle, however I will probably find a small baggie for them as well just to reduce the rattling and the noise. My “grenade” went together quite effortlessly and probably didn’t take more than 15 minutes to make. Of course, Chad over on mysurvivalpack.com went to the trouble to paint his bottles nicely and made much more effort with the paracord wraps. Mine came out quite light in weight, so I don’t see any harm in throwing it in the bag. We’ll see how it does when we get up to Cranberry Pond.

…Look out you little fishies, geezer’s going to get ya!



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 A complete awesome pocket fishing system for kids and adults 5 and up and a great project for the kids! Grab a 6 pack of juice bottles from the dollar store, some 550 cord, paints, some fishing line and some hooks and sinkers and a little bobber and make yourself a custom fishing kit!

The Fishing Grenade (or FishyBoB for kids) is basically a complete fishing system in a bottle!

If you’ve ever been a kid, you might just remember your first time fishing. Maybe you remember how fun it was to catch a fish for the first time and after catching it your parent probably helped you unhook it and let it go back to live with its friends back in the pond. Its possible that your parent probably remembers how big of a pain it was to buy you your own little pole, hooks, bobber, sinker and all that stuff; how they had to cast it for you every time, or perform surgery to untangle it after you cast it and how it lasted about one season before you dropped it in the lake or it broke or fell apart 🙂

Well that’s what I remember doing for my kids and I also remember my kids always trying to find a good excuse to get me to take them fishing again. So standing in line at the gas station a few summers ago, while the kids were jumping up and down begging for candy and junk up at the counter, it hit me…  One of them came up to me with their little junky juice bottle and said, that the top of it it looked like the spool of my fishing reel. My next thought was, I bet a bobber would fit inside it. Then all the ideas started flooding in.

What better excuse could a kid have for a parent to take them fishing than a neat little pocket fishing kit and what better excuse could a parent have to take them fishing than to try out their Fishing Grenade… err I mean FishyBoB.

Fishing GrenadeThe Fishing Grenade itself is just the right size for the average hand. It holds the tackle, bobbers, hooks, and maybe even the bait?. The top portion of the bottle is the shape of a spool so its easy to wind the string up and store it and because of its shape, its really really easy to cast! For older users, it casts great with an underhanded cast. Younger kiddies secure the lanyard to their wrist with quick pull, plop the bait, hook and sinker into its mouth and just huck the whole bottle out there, The hook and bait with the sinker will fall out and sink down to the fish and the FishyBob will act as a bobber. Then just wait for a fish to bite and pull on the lanyard to reel it in!

Fishing Grenade Casting

It fits right in their pocket, there’s no pole to deal with, no tackle box to carry, it floats for those ‘accidents’ and it can be used as a big bobber for the littlest kids. The wrist lanyard keeps it from being thrown into the middle of the pond, it works as a FishyBoB retrieval line for the little kiddies and it also doubles as a stringer if they happen to catch a whopper!

Moms and dads can take the kids fishing and don’t have to mess with lines tangled around a pole or play mechanical engineer to get line untangled from complicated reels. You just throw and fish.

When you’re done, just open the cap, with the line still attached, drop the fish hook in (maybe with the worm still on it?) (ewww!) and close the cap! No yucky worm dangling around, no dangerous hooks sticking out waiting to catch lips or eyelids and into their pocket it goes ready for next time!

It’s very affordable, very crunch and bonk resistant, recyclable and best of all its fun and easy to use anywhere. Have the kids draw or paint a picture of their fishing trip on the bottle.

What a great project! It provides a subject and encourages kids to draw and illustrate, it gives them something to look forward to and something to remember and it encourages the family to get outdoors.Things you’ll need:

Things you’ll need:

  1. Wylers brand juice bottle [You can pick up a six pack of Wylers brand orange drinks from your local dollar store.]
  2. 550 Cord [Your local sporting goods stores sometimes have colorful cord or you can pick up the green stuff at the army navy store.]
  3. Fishing Line [Pick up some 8 or 10 lb test line. I found the braided line doesn’t cast as well. Too much friction.]
  4. Spray Paint or Permanent Colored Markers [Since these things flex, I found that paint doesn’t stay on, rubberized car undercoating spray paint peels off    too. Plastidip spray works ok.]
  5. Rubber Band or Ranger Band (cut from old bicycle inter-tubes)

Peel off the label and dump the juice out (my kids won’t even drink the stuff). The paint or color the bottle. Then tightly wrap the cord around the body of the bottle. You’ll want to first make a loop and lay it long ways over the body of the bottle, then wrap the string over the loop and around the bottle starting at the *open* end of the loop. When you finish wrapping the string, tuck the end of the string through the loop and pull the tail sticking out the other end to pull the end of the string underneath the string thats wrapped around the bottle until the loop is dead center. Then tie the two ends in a square knot and clip the ends short and burn the ends of the cord so it doesn’t unravel.

Now that the hard part is over, wrap your fishing line around the thin waist of the bottle and hold in place with a rubber band. Then fill your bottle with bobbers, hooks and other fishing items, tuck the string in under the cap and twist the cap on to hold it in place.

Fishing Grenade Top