Before we took off for the lake a couple of weeks ago I put together what turned out to be probably the best trail-mix combo I’ve ever had. Most of the store-bought mixes are pretty much “Meh” in my opinion. They’re always padded out with raisins and cheap peanuts, or that “healthy stuff” that I’m not fond of, like sunflower seeds.


This is what I ended up with, from left to right:

1-4~ Dried pineapple, mango, raisins and date… These were all leftovers in a canister. They were part of some bulk package of dried fruit that I had picked up at Sam’s Club at least a year ago, and that I had sealed up in a screwtop container. I disremember exactly what right now, but part of the mix had dried out really badly. I tossed that part out. And as I mentioned above, like most mixes, it had been padded out with way, way too many raisins. A bunch of them went in the bin too. But I left some of the largest, and juiciest ones behind.

5~ Last Christmas the Dotter had given me a bag of dried cranberries that had been soaked in orange syrup as part of their processing.

6~ One of my favorite all-time parings is to have quality dark chocolate, like 70% cacao, paired with crystallized, candied ginger. I had some ginger slices that it gotten badly dried out, so I broke them up into fingernail size pieces.

7-8~ Honey roasted cashews and peanuts.

9~ When I went looking for the M&M’s I also found some pre-shelled, salted pistachio nuts.

10-12~ And lastly the M&Ms, because no decent gorp is worth it’s name without some kind of the ubiquitous “candy-coated chocolate discs”. Let me make this perfectly clear… In my opinion, “candy-coated chocolate discs” are no substitute for an honest to gawd, Old-fashioned, All-American damn M&M!  With this in mind, I bought three of the small bags of M&Ms in the checkout lane. M&Ms have started coming in some weird combinations recently. They even had one called “birthday cake”… that one frightened me just a little bit too much with visions of HoneyBooBoo staggering around my campsite, so I left it behind at the check out. What I grabbed were Pretzel, Jumbo Peanut, and best of all, Coconut. The Coconut M&Ms are unbelievably good. An ideal blend of chocolate and coconut flavors. Like having a micro Mounds Bar, but without the coconut fibers sticking between your teeth. They were the perfect finishing touch to the trail-mix.

This turned out to be an incredible over-all combination. A lot of variety in tastes and textures, and just a small handful at a time is more than enough. This one is definitely a do over.


[BONUS LINK: if you ain’t got the time or inclination….]