Another Flat-pack Wood Stove

A site called has launched another KickStarter very similar to the one for the Emberlit FireAnt stove that I showed the other day.

I’ll let you hit up the links for the details.

However, one of the pledge bonuses that they were offering really caught my eye.


The SHTF Grill plate [or Shit Hits The Fan] is cleverly designed so that the individual parts can be punched out of the plate and then re-utilized as arrowheads, fishhooks & sinker, a knife and a harpoon. Basically, the stove will help you catch the food you’re going to cook. A really nice iteration of form and function working together.

Until such time that that apocalyptic need should arise, it just makes a good-looking pot stand for the top of your stove.

Congratulations to the MySurvivalPack gang for a truly brilliant idea.