Big Guys Rejoice… AMOK Draumr XL Is HERE!

Just released and much anticipated>>>

I really like my own standard Draumr 3.0 that I bought three summers ago. However, it was limited to folks under 6 feet tall if you wanted the full comfort. Now, the bigg’uns can have the same great, side-sleeping experience!

The good news is that you can get a GR8 discount by preordering now… $279 for the XL, the Fjol insulated pad [gives it the structure], and the tarp that also converts to be usable with any gathered end hammock as well. ….MSRP will be $399.

The bad news is that the first deliveries aren’t scheduled all the way out until April of 2019!


Let Us Now Praise “Forums”


If you want to find out the most information, in the least time,  yourself a favor and add the word “forums” to your search… as in “blah-de-blah forums”.

A couple of years ago, I sold a yard tractor that I had owned for 15 years. A quick search using the phrase “Wheelhouse/Toro forum” provided me with lots of eager advice from other people and lead to a sale right there off the forum for far more than I had hop ed.

Last weekend, I purchased a Bowie knife off of eBay. Prior to making my purchase I did a lot of research in knife and blade forums. A little bit of research allowed me to not make mistakes in my purchase, and find myself one that I believe is a real value.

I am going to be moving. This presents me with the tedious chore of disposing of several generations of XXX These internet forums are my source of information to aid me in determining reasonable prices and values.

I am currently selling some old 19th Century muzzle-loader guns, a samurai sword and a collection of Civil War letters-home. In each case, a quick check for the appropriate forums gave me some sound guidance to make the most of my offerings. I learned that the gun was an 18th century “Pennsylvania” style cap-and-ball farm gun that had been converted from a flintlock. It sold to a collector on there who was thrilled to get, it at a price I could live with to just “make it go away!” The letters went to a reseller in Boston after I learned they were certainly of interest to collectors of Civil War ephemera… again at a better and more fair price than I would have taken if offered

Try it for yourself. Even if you just want a new set of headphones, “headphone/stereo forums” will give better advice than just searching for something like “headphone reviews”.

Titaniumophilia~~ A Wake-Up Call For Gram-Weenies

(1) Titanium is… The Fairy Queen in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Nope. That was Titania. Dang.

(2) Titanium is… Proof that you’ve spent more money on your cook set (or stove, or boot lace tips) than anyone else in your hiking group (extended family, city, state, province, country, continent).

(3) Titanium is… Proof that you’re trendy, and possibly an idiot, though still a trendy one. Let’s hope you can dress the part.

(4) Titanium is… A metal incorrectly described by absolutely everyone stupid as “amazingly lightweight and strong, and perhaps the way to go if you’re obsessive about ounces.”

(5) No, it isn’t. But what would you expect to read in Backpacker magazine?


Titanium is a metal. And titanium is light, compared to uranium, but not compared to steel.

Stoveless and cook-pot-less and fuel-less is the way to go if you’re obsessive about ounces, and can gag down cold suppers night after night.

Aluminum, however, is the way to go if you’re obsessive about ounces and grams and price, and if you like to compare the weight of your tools to the weight of their shadows.

Titanium is only 12% lighter than steel, though it has almost all of steel’s strength, while aluminum is 54% lighter than steel and still has 75% of steel’s strength (Spot the trend here?), which is enough for a cook pot.

Titanium doesn’t ding or dent very easily (because it’s tough, which is nice), and titanium is highly resistant to corrosion (which means that it stays pretty). Since it is tough, it can be rolled thin. The thinner the material, the less there is of it, and so the less the finished product weighs, even if it’s made from heavy materials, which is the real advantage of titanium.

But if you want a cooking pot and you don’t care a lot about exactly how pretty it is, but you do care about how heavy it is, then aluminum is the way to go. You sort of care about how tough a pot is and you probably care a whole lot about how much it costs. You may also kind of care how beat up it’s going to end up being, eventually, or not. Your call, eh?

Titanium as a material is significantly heavier and vastly more expensive than aluminum, but tougher, and those who own titanium items feel smarter because titanium looks new longer. A lot of people who feel that way don’t go backpacking because if they go backpacking they will get their clothes dirty and they will get tired, and what they really above all want is to keep that just-off-the-shelf, crisply-pressed, newly-unwrapped look, while continuing to smell of aftershave. Titanium will help with that.

Titanium is for them. Titanium is for people who don’t ever want to sweat or walk uphill or know that bugs might actually be attracted to them.


Thanks [and apologies for the mild reformatz] to // so says eff

For me, the bottom line is that aluminum is simply better for cooking… better and more even heating/conductivity, less scorching and burning, perfectly acceptable weight tradeoff… and way less moolah. It’s a 90%/50% thing.


A Hot Tip For Cold Feet

There is a “hammock hang” planned for out in Western Massachusetts in a couple of weekends, and making sure that people come with proper footwear is a great concern for the responsible, and experienced, old-timers. Frostbitten tootsies equal hospital visits. And the E.R. is a less than optimal way to have your weekend turn out… the whining is also pretty annoying. You just can’t count on keeping your feet warm by holding them out toward a fire.

So, I just cherry-picked a great tip from my friends SkyPainter and Nighthauk over on HammockForums.

It is the simple genius of cutting a couple of pieces of Reflectix insulation to the shape of the liners for your pakboots like the Sorels, Kamiks, Bogs or LL Bean Ducks, and placing them underneath the felts. These will help reflect both the warmth back upward to your feet, and the cold back toward the ground… Thanks guys!

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1451102038.744847 [photo from Nighthauk]

Some of the Audubon Field Guide Apps are on sale today…


EDIT: More is the pity… these stopped being supported around iOS-9 and no longer work on my iPad

At least for the iPhoneAnd iPad versions:

Audubon Birds and Butterflies – A Field Guide to North American Birds and Butterflies

Audubon Birds Pro 

Audubon Insects and Spiders – A Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders 

Audubon Reptiles and Amphibians – A Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians

I have, and use, several of these Audubon Field Guides on my devices. I find them both accurate and easy-to-use. Include all of the usual things you would expect on description, range, but they also include things like birdsongs.

The “Birds and Butterflies” costs $1.99, but the others are going for only $.99… that is only 20% of their usual price.