Sitting in the Mountains

Rock slab seat
Legs folded
Sitting alone
Not loathing noise
Not savoring silence
The carefree clouds concur.

                        – Jakushitsu (1290–1367)

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Don’t let Smokey stand alone.

Since 1872, and the establishment of Yellowstone, generations of our forebears have encouraged the politicians of their time to support the establishment and maintenance of our national parks for the generations yet to come. Please do what you can to keep the politicians of our time from selling out our children’s fragile natural heritage.

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See Bryce Canyon NP

I had to share this simply because I love the fact that she has a band-aid on her thigh ! Can’t help but wonder if this came out of the Disney artists. Walt did a lot of government related work, so it’s quite possible. It just has the Disney artist “vibe” from the work around 1950, and the guys were known for their little quirky additions…