Emberlit FireAnt Wood Stove

A few weeks ago I stumbled across, and signed on to my first ever “Kickstarter” project. It was from Mikhail Merkurieff over at http://www.emberlit.com for a titanium woodstove that you can carry in your pocket.
Mikhail already has a whole line of larger flatpack woodstoves to take camping.
But titanium… This one is freaking titanium. It weighs 2.9 ounces! It will boil water as fast, or faster than most canister stoves… and no canister to tote. You simply burn the smallwood that you can pick up around your campsite. It fits in your shirt pocket!
Additionally, it’s going to be provided with slots to mount an alcohol stove and a separate tray that can be used for Esbit fuel tablets. Three ways to cook in one unit.
I just had to sign-on.
The “FireAnt” Kickstarter reached its goal in six hours! So, obviously I was not the only one who was excited with the idea. When it got to the end of it’s 30 days pledge period and was actually “funded”, it had almost quintupled the needed funds. It IS a go.
Now, there are currently well over 900 of us who are waiting for the projected July rollout of the production units.

Watch the video. I think you’ll be amazed.

I had already been playing around with things like “hobo” stoves made from old tin cans, and “rocket” stoves that are the same idea, but a little bit more technically developed.
Now I’m just waiting for my FireAnt.

I mean, face it folks, you can’t toast marshmallows over a gas canister stove… ’nuff said.