Reducing Pack Weight After The Big 3 – Bag Of Magic Potions


Lion Heart [>> <<] is an Appalachian Trials Blogger** who is planning a NoBo AT hike this year and was nice enough to let me share this post on how she is managing to take some of her “smalls” down to “micros”.

You don’t have to be a gram-weenie to appreciate the thought that she has put into getting some of the unnecessary weight off her back. You can count on the fact that I certainly will be starting to save some of my o.5ml Visine squeeze-bottles to repurpose with some EVOO and Worcestershire, and squishing some sunscreen into contact lens cases.

She writes: “It’s a well-known fact that the easiest way to reduce your base weight is by scrutinizing your Big 3. Tent, Sleeping Bag, Backpack. You might have just dropped $1,200 on the lightest, most badass Big 3. But then what? Are you just going to throw bulky clothes and giant tubes of sunscreen in your pack before hitting the trails?

It’s taken me years to refine the little tubes of magic potions that I carry.”….

To read her full post, >>CLICK HERE<<

Many thanks for your generosity and acumen Jennifer… G’luck on your NoBo!

**Appalachian Trials is a site dedicated to those who are through hiking the Appalachian Trail and other long-distance trails. Composed of posts from a lot of individuals who have been invited to contribute, it’s a great place for tips and tricks, gear successes and failures, and, of course,  you can follow the adventures of individual bloggers throughout the duration of their hikes. I highly recommended that you add it to your RSS feed.


Cheap Seats

File_004 (1)

The 11-11 Buy-A-Thon also included this closed-cell foam sitter.

I thought it would be a nice option to take along for my aging bones at times when the “Mantis” mariposa chair clone  that I picked up earlier this fall is too heavy and bulky.

File_006    File_003 (1)

It goes 3 3/4″x 10 1/2″x 1 3/4″ folded up.  Just shy of 15″ opened out. 29 grams/ 1 oz.

One side came in an light olive-green and the other came flat-black. [This was one of the deals where you got no choice of color]

My first thought was how much it looked like my 48″ Therm-a-rest RidgeRest ® solar mattress which is “coated with a layer of our reflective ThermaCapture ™ technology that redirects radiant heat back to your body to amplify warmth…..”    Yeah-yeah-yeah… It’s silver on one side…….20 seconds with a can of aluminized spray paint and so is my new butt-pad.

I set out on the porch in 30° temps this morning and it surely was warmer than the deck boards would have been. I could feel the heat bounce-back thru my dorm pants. It folds down small enough, and is light enough to go along in a day load easily. Folded in half and tucked against the inside back of my daypack, it gives a dual purpose padding to the poke-y parts of my carry. Over time we will see how it holds up. Rough bark from log sitting may well tear it up a dite, but it should also do well as a kneeler for cooking chores.  I can also see this as adding a few degrees to a sleep system by tucking it under the head or foot of your sleeping pad. I bet it would even work as a pillow folded around some clothes.

It only cost $1.48US. Seems a good bit of a deal. This is one of those things that if I had known how decent it was going to be, I would have grabbed several as give-aways for my camping and hammocking buddies.