My old Kayaking Kit

While I wait for the bits and pieces of cheap gear that I have ordered online to show up down at the post office, I wanted to share one last emergency kit that turned up as I searched through the stuff I had hanging around.

Originally there were two of these. One each for my wife and I. One of them is amongst the missing, but I thought I would show you what I had stuffed into them back maybe 18 years ago. Our kayaks came with little circular lockports on the rear deck, with a screw-on and snap-closed lid. Inside was a mesh pocket that hung down. We found them too small for most purposes, but they were perfect for these peanut butter jar emergency kits.


The only thing missing is the Mylar space blanket. That got repurposed into the kit I renovated for TOG. And the only thing you might not be able to identify, is the green tube resting in the jar lid.

That is a battery operated mosquito repeller that emits a high-pitched squeal that is nearly sub-audible. I bought a half dozen of them years ago at one of the Fell-Off-ATruck-Stops. They work great for me, and with it clipped to the collar of my shirt, I am almost never bothered by the mosquitoes and blackflies that swarm up here in Maine from May through the 4th of July, but a number of people to whom I loaned a unit were less happy with their results. I’m going to pull that out and put it on a pack strap just so it will be along for the ride.