Fall-back Planning &….

TOG and I have been discussing alternatives for this weekend if the pack frame should not appear in time for use.

[Massive Digression: Just north of where I live is the Soco River. It winds down from North Conway in New Hampshire, just below Mount Washington, and out across an agricultural plateau called the Pequawket Valley. There is a section of about 30 miles of flat water with just one short portage around a low dam that is a very popular canoeing trip. There are all kinds of canoe rental companies that will rent you one, drop you off, and pick you up at points along the river. For several years TYG [TheYoungestGeezer] and I operated a “country cab” business and we discovered that we could make a great deal of cash-money on Sundays shuttling impatient people back to their cars who were unwilling to wait until the rental companies came at the pre-planned time to pick them up.

One Sunday afternoon while I waited for victims, a 20-something was struggling to tie his own canoe to the top of his fancy-ass Cadillac pickup truck. He was whining about scratches and generally getting very frustrated. Late in the afternoon, I realized that he had given up and just plain abandoned the canoe… just walked away all pissy and left a perfectly good 14 foot aluminum Grumman canoe floating out in the reeds. Some people truly do have more money than good sense. I guess the Cadillac “pickup” truck was a pretty good indicator of that. Now, Mama didn’t raise no fool… that sucka was on top of my van as quickly as I could get it tied down.]

Anyway, to move on to the point. If the pack should not show up in time for me to figure out using it for the weekend, we may just go up behind the Bigelow’s to Flagstaff Lake, drop that old canoe in, load up our gear and the Labrapuppy, and undertake a paddle up to one of the many islands that dot the north shore. TOG can try out his new fly fishing rod and I’ll try out the fishing grenade. Camping’s still gonna happen.


I am really loving this site where you can print out free US Topographic maps