Never forget there is a place where nature does not know your name. Where boulders have no awareness of your troubles. Where the sky dances without anyone to watch or care. Never forget that you are made of this same stuff, this same potential, this same joy. Never forget that this life of yours is only a wisp of time and your days are, in fact, but a few. With this remembering, return to your life, your troubles, your tasks. With this remembering, you will once again find your way.

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Hmmmmmmming Birds

One facet of life here in Moosenut Falls that often gets passed over too easily, is the wildlife. We are just rural enough, and remote enough, that I do get to see a wide selection of critters on a regular basis.

For years now, I have hung out a hummingbird feeder early on every May. Back in 2015, within only a few hours of my putting it up, I found this little fellow latched onto the side. I call him Numbert.

He hung on in the same spot for over twenty-four hours. He would take a few sips of the sugar-water, close his eyes, and just sit. He was obviously pretty badly exhausted by his journey

I was able to get up within a few inches to take this photo. I don’t believe he was actually capable of moving at that time. He would blink at me and simply hang on.

Ever year since then, I have had one hummingbird who will come and perch on the feeder to drink. All the others will only hover to feed, and if I’m within any kind of distance at all, they won’t even stop to drink… they just “hmmmmmmmmm” off until I am gone, or have moved away. This particular one however will settle in, drink, poop right off the perch and is totally nonplussed by my presence only a couple of feet away smoking my pipe or admiring the scene.

I have had my suspicions that it might be the exact same bird. He had figured out that I was no threat, and could return every year with the same assurance. I got curious earlier in the week and looked up hummingbird migration factoids on the net.

To whit: “Banding studies have shown that migrating hummingbirds make the same stops year after year, often on exactly the same day. And just so you know, the bird you called a “he/she” was a he. The males are the first birds you will see, followed by the ladies about ten days later.”…

I freaking LOVE Mother Nature…..



In Western culture alone, they carry “a vast network of associations including such distinct and even contradictory significances as childhood, crop, doom, elves, fear, habitat change, idyll, love, luck, mortality, prostitution, solstice, stars and fleetingness of words and cognition,” wrote Stefan Ineichen, a firefly researcher in Switzerland, in a 2016 paper published in Advances in Zoology and Botany.

Short documentary Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night

“Quechua speakers in the Andes call fireflies añañahui, or “ghost eyes.”… 

I just call them a beautiful wonder in the night…

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