Another Off the Tumblr

A drum, a banjo, a nice rug and table, Hudson’s Bay trade blanket, ash-woven pack basket and kerosene lanterns, Filson waxed hat…. THIS is old-school camping at its very best!

It’s what I love about canoe camping… you can take along a lot of luxuries. The funny part is I have the same hat, the same [but really, really old] blanket, a banjo, the same table and a close approximation of the rug!]



King of the Forest

Magnificent British Oak out on the Norfolk Broads in NE England.

You can see exactly why so many British oaks were cut down for use by the Navy in the 14th through the 19th centuries. Each fork in the branches would, in varying sizes, yield what was called a “knee”. These were the naturally shaped, angled reinforcements used as bracing in wooden ship construction. The massive trunks gave the frames and planking. Smaller branches became the pegs to hold it all together.

Great photo from ForresterBushcraft on the Tumblr

Support the USNPS

Don’t let Smokey stand alone.

Since 1872, and the establishment of Yellowstone, generations of our forebears have encouraged the politicians of their time to support the establishment and maintenance of our national parks for the generations yet to come. Please do what you can to keep the politicians of our time from selling out our children’s fragile natural heritage.

Check out these “apocalyptic” NPS posters for a glimpse of what could come if we don’t stand up and speak out…. >>CLICK<<

Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva…


You say, “If you want to be happy
There’s no way, but to be a hermit.
Flowers in the grove
Are better than brocade;
Every single season’s colors new.
Just sit by a creek and turn your head
To watch the moon ball roll.”

And me?

I ought to be at joyous ease,
But I can’t help thinking of the people in the world.

– Shih Te (8th c.)

Wandering in the woods without Mom worrying just where we were, climbing trees with no supervision, playing in mud and damming up brooks, willow bows and cattail stalk arrows… we only stayed indoors if it was raining…

All we were ever told was “Be home before dark”.

A Quick Spring Swing

  • Last night was lovely and clear here in southern Maine, with the forecasts of dropping into the 40s, so I took the opportunity to put my AMOK Draumr 3.0 hammock up for the first time in 2016.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.51.37 AM

    We have our Hammock Home/Burning Men Hang just up the road at ATTroll’s place two Fridays from now, and I wanted to make sure my gear was A-OK. I also wanted to try out a new modular sleeping system I’m working on for May to September camping that will hopefully let me go topless on nice nights. It’s based on a cheapo “waterproof” Chinese synthetic bag and one of the Costco throws… The prototyped/poc version fulfilled all my expectations, so it’s off to my local thread injectoress for a completed version. [I’ll show it off on here once it’s completed]

    The best part of the evening was getting to see the stars again. This is the first time I have had a chance to hang my hammocks since I had the lens replacement surgery done on my eyes last fall. ABSOPOSIVIVALUTELY amazing to see the stars and the constellations sharp and clear without wearing glasses! I even saw two meteorites, and a fireball.

    >> Onward thru the fog…>>