Ooops…. UPS SHTF snafu

Ooops.... UPS SHTF snafu

In the best laid plans there is always the unpredictable.
The pack frame that I was planning to use and review this weekend has indeed left Oklahoma and is winging its way toward me.
… … It won’t be delivered to my house until after I have left on Friday.

At least I have through Thursday to decide if it’s better to go ahead and have UPS hold it at their facility down Babylon, [which would involve my going around 40 miles out of my way] or whether I’m better off just lurking on the street over in one of the next villages where our local guy starts his route, in the hopes of intercepting him and getting it off the truck early and still in time to make my schedule.

Either way, it looks like I better call TYG [TheYoungerGeezer] and see if he can find that backpack down cellar… Just in case and “two is better than none”…

Onward through the fog…