The 30 Second Tinder “Spliff”

While has been well over 20 years since I last rolled a spliff-doobie-bone-muggle-joint out of the good old wacky weed, cigarette rolling is a talent, like riding a bicycle, that you do not forget. These days I simply smoke a tobacco pipe. Although it is no less addictive, I find that I don’t break out in handcuffs as often. Now, I just about always have a pouch of tobacco in my pocket, but being a geezer I do occasionally forget to take along my pipe. Because of that, there IS package of Zig-Zags in my dash… just in case.

In all the stuff that I’m sorting through I found my tinder box. And then, in one of those cartoon-lightbulb flashes of intuition, I realized that rolling a “spliff” of tinder might be a very handy way to have it readily available. Break it in half, fluff it up, strike a spark… What could be easier?

Image   Image


Roll, lick, snap, spark, FIRE!

Dryer lint, some oakum strands, some frayed sisal rope and a few strands of 0000 steel wool. I will try a few different combos out of the various tinders in my box. The first thing that occurs to me is that a little bit of fatwood sawdust might be a great addition. I’ll add an update here if I come up with anything really great.

Another triumph from the Moosenut Falls Development Labs.

[it actually had broken out in full flame quite readily, but snuffed out to glowing coals before I could run take the photo]