Fraud Alert !!

This ad and site it is from are a scam>>>


The logo on the bag sewn to the hammock clearly shows that these guys are attempting to rip off AMOK. This is not an AMOK site… they are NOT affiliated with the gang at AMOK in any way! You are not going to be getting an AMOK Draumr for $28.88! Suck it up buttercup. This is a FRAUD… not a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a great deal.

I have the information directly from the guys at AMOK. Since I’m a pretty big fan of their products, I wanted to be certain that I was passing on the word. Please steer clear of the above ad and site

My own suspicion is that your money would disappear down the rabbit hole and you would never see anything in your mailbox.

Remember… “caveat emptor” and there is a sucker born every minute.

If you want an AMOK, here’s the REAL site >> AMOK Equipment


Ummmm…. NO

Just about everything that is NOT about my camping experience…

  • staged as he11
  • looks good/ sleeps poorly on dem rocks
  • tiki torches
  • faux Chinese lanterns [and bulky power pak]
  • old railroad lanterns
  • “Paddle faster. I hear banjo music”
  • a firelog tote !!!

Still, a lovely spot, a great view and a nice evening….




In the quaint, and mysterious manner of synchronicity, a friend posted this over on Tumblr shortly after I had read a passage in a novel on the idea that we do indeed write our own “auto”biography on a day-to-day basis… continually, automatically, and without any real writing taking place.

Our autobiography is the true story of our choices on a day by day, minute by minute basis. While we might influence our choices by our prejudices, thoughts and feelings, those choices make up our life. No matter how we rationalize and justify them, whether we make them in fear or in hope, in wisdom or in ignorance, Each one has its effect on subsequent choices. In his short poem “The Road Not Taken”, Robert Frost wrote, “…Two roads diverged in a wood…“. Two or more roads diverge from our path every moment. The path our footsteps take make all the difference.

Even not making a conscious choice is a choice unto itself… We have merely “gone with the flow”. The risk in that is that it is then all too easy to allow ourselves to blame our life situations on circumstance. No… we have still made the choice to just ride along. Even in a strong current you can direct your own course.

I am facing up to the fact that the next year will probably prove to be, at the very least, a new chapter in my autobiography. Heck, it may be a whole new volume. I will always be writing my own continuing autobiography and living my own life… I would at least like it to be interesting reading.

So, bearing in mind the old Chinese curse “May You Live In Interesting Times“, I sure hope I can make my next choices with judgment not justification, consideration not rationalization, and not out of fear.

Onward thru the fog….

Chinese Inscrutable Advertising

OK… yeahyeah, it is sorta “Zombie Killer”/tong wars/kung-fu movie, but I ordered this!

Now, what the WWII single-prop fighter has to do with it… I dunno. I dunno what mountain I am gonna cut with it just yet. I do know that the listing was fascinating.

The lead calls this thingy a “New Damask High Carbon Steel Hammer Wrench Axe Fire Ice Army Tactical Tomahawk Outdoor Practical Axe Hand Tool”… make note of the word “Damask” [my grandma had a tablecloth that was damask. The cutlery set my grandad left me is a beautifully layered Damascene, or Damascus, steel].

Then further down the page under Specs it sez, Axe Head Material: High Carbon Steel”. Then a bit more down it sez, “Blade material: stainless steel 440”.

Of course it also sez stuff like, “dear buyers please contact to us, when buy sure good you want to type. Or leave a message you want to buy the serial number of the product. Примечание: уважаемые покупатели в при покупке пожалуйста дарить нам связь, уверен, хорошо, вы должны модели.Или ты хочешь купить продуктов сообщение номер.”… and, “He: its whole blade open front, nylon sleeve / Function: outdoor camping, climbing, mountain jungle limit, survival rescue / Scope of application: outdoor, camping, gifts collection.

This guy’s obviously down with it for sure.

Oh, yeah… the bad dog also has an “ebony” handle!…. [yeah, sure. Only way it could have gotten any better was if the handle was ZombieKiller Neon Green]

I think you can see why I just had to find out what kind of mountain I can cut with this vicious  Damask440CarbonStainlessSteel mamajama… Well, it’s incoming from customs at ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) right now and I should have it in a few days. SOMETHING is bound to post from it.


Now, in my own defense, I have to say that I bought this thing at a truly ridiculous low price on their 11/11 sale. Is currently up over $21 and there’s no way I would’ve dropped that kind of chump change on a POS like this… heavy emphasis there on the word “chump”. I also picked up a small “necker” style knife (“Ebony Handle Cutter Machete Bowie knife with Nylon Sheath camp tactical outdoor combat hunt survival self defense military army”)… [BTW~ it has a 2 1/4″ blade/ $3.86 shipped]. My only real excuse for this foolishness is that both of these are mostly about trying out the new sharpening system to see what I might could do in the way of regrinding/reprofiling with a couple of classic POSs.

Ah…. wow… er… ah…

I came upon this over on one of the blogs I follow on the Tumblr. Bushcrafters gone wild!

It pretty much epitomizes everything I’m not likely to do when I go out camping.

Talk about “Leave No Trace”~~ Two dozen+ live trees cut for unnecessary [and U.G.L.Y., and disfunctional, and inefficient] shelter, and a hacked up stump. I just hope this was their own property. If it was public use land, or a state park, I’d be pretty upset finding this on my trip down the trail. However, from the amount of gear, I’m guessing they didn’t walk in very far.

“Table” Rock…. nah!

As one of those fools who grew up in the NC mountains back in the late 1960s, and spent the majority of their time in that somewhat “altered” state that was so prevalent then, I can tell you full well that this is not actually called Table Rock.

It is “HippopotaMooseses Ass”.

[HippopotaMoose was a native american who was always dropping his glasses in the water]