Ah…. wow… er… ah…

I came upon this over on one of the blogs I follow on the Tumblr. Bushcrafters gone wild!

It pretty much epitomizes everything I’m not likely to do when I go out camping.

Talk about “Leave No Trace”~~ Two dozen+ live trees cut for unnecessary [and U.G.L.Y., and disfunctional, and inefficient] shelter, and a hacked up stump. I just hope this was their own property. If it was public use land, or a state park, I’d be pretty upset finding this on my trip down the trail. However, from the amount of gear, I’m guessing they didn’t walk in very far.


“Table” Rock…. nah!

As one of those fools who grew up in the NC mountains back in the late 1960s, and spent the majority of their time in that somewhat “altered” state that was so prevalent then, I can tell you full well that this is not actually called Table Rock.

It is “HippopotaMooseses Ass”.

[HippopotaMoose was a native american who was always dropping his glasses in the water]

Once More… WTF ?

As my late friend “Uncle”Jimmy used to say:

“Sure… you could do that.

I wouldn’t, but you could.”

Neither U-Jim nor I would buy this knife… but some guy on the camping/hammocking forums over at FB sure did. Right proud of it, too!

This almost deserves a new tag all of it’s own… “more money than sense”.

“What’s that noise…?”

You have to learn to expect all kinds of foolish things from the crowd over at Hammock Forums.

Last September, at our Lighthouses and Lobsters hang, I was waiting for my lobster dinner to be served when I heard this humming noise behind me…. So, I turned around.

Yeah… SemperFiGuy was checking out my haircut with his new drone… from about two feet away!

And yeah, he took it up about 1500 feet… well into the FAA no fly zone, buzzed some guy who was trout fishing on the pond a half a mile away, inspected a bunch of elderly folks having their cocktails over in the RV part of the camp, frightened a dog, and landed safely. And then he entered the witless protection program. He’s planning on wearing a disguise to this year’s hang.