Facing The Wind, 36×60, 2018

Looks like it’s an artsy-fartsy day here in Moosenut Falls….

Pure abstract, purely marvelous…

By an old Raleigh friend, Herb Jackson


Senseless Acts of Beauty…

I always love random acts of beauty left for others to discover… might be gone with the tide all too soon or tumbled by the wind, but treasured in the memories of those who are blessed to find them.

Sometimes It Happens…


At night deep in the mountains,
I sit in meditation
The affairs of people
Never reach here;
Everything is quiet and empty
All the incense
Has been swallowed up
By the endless night.
My robe has become
A garment of dew.
Unable to sleep
I walk out into the woods-
Above the highest peak,
The full moon appears.

– Ryokan Taigu (1758-1831)


[A number of Asian, and Meso-American, traditions see a pareidolian image of a rabbit [“Tsuki no Usagi”] on the moon’s surface… I choose too as well]

ukiyo-e print by Utegawa Hiroshige

Going Artdoors…




To reach Chrysanthemum River
I always follow Ch’ing Gorge Stream
Through the mountains, through
Ten thousand twists and turns—
A fine trip and not a hundred li.
The noise among boulders is tremendous,
The view into pines, serene;
Swirling water chestnut,
Distilled reflections of reeds.
My original mind is unstriving,
A pure, tranquil stream, like that.
I could stay on some big rock slab
Fishing, forever.

              ~Wang Wei

                 Color Of Nature Gorge



Never forget there is a place where nature does not know your name. Where boulders have no awareness of your troubles. Where the sky dances without anyone to watch or care. Never forget that you are made of this same stuff, this same potential, this same joy. Never forget that this life of yours is only a wisp of time and your days are, in fact, but a few. With this remembering, return to your life, your troubles, your tasks. With this remembering, you will once again find your way.

[Unposted, and found in the old drafts files… ]


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Consider the trees

which allow the birds to perch and fly away

without either inviting them to stay

or desiring them never to depart.

If your heart can be like this, you will be near to the way.

— Zen Proverb