Zen is…

The truth of Zen,
Just a little of it,
Is what turns one’s
Life of monotonous,
Commonplace actions,
Into one of art,
Full of genuine inner creativity.

– D.T. Suzuki

Sometimes It Happens…


At night deep in the mountains,
I sit in meditation
The affairs of people
Never reach here;
Everything is quiet and empty
All the incense
Has been swallowed up
By the endless night.
My robe has become
A garment of dew.
Unable to sleep
I walk out into the woods-
Above the highest peak,
The full moon appears.

– Ryokan Taigu (1758-1831)


[A number of Asian, and Meso-American, traditions see a pareidolian image of a rabbit [“Tsuki no Usagi”] on the moon’s surface… I choose too as well]

ukiyo-e print by Utegawa Hiroshige

Going Artdoors…




To reach Chrysanthemum River
I always follow Ch’ing Gorge Stream
Through the mountains, through
Ten thousand twists and turns—
A fine trip and not a hundred li.
The noise among boulders is tremendous,
The view into pines, serene;
Swirling water chestnut,
Distilled reflections of reeds.
My original mind is unstriving,
A pure, tranquil stream, like that.
I could stay on some big rock slab
Fishing, forever.

              ~Wang Wei

                 Color Of Nature Gorge