We are here…

It’s very hard to believe that it has been three weeks since we drove up the mountain to stay.

Arrived alive and with the correct number of personnel. The POD came a week later, was emptied and picked up. I bought an 8×14 yard shed… and filled it. Every room in the house is rimmed with half-emptied boxes. We can find most stuff we need, but some things have taken a good, long while to show up. I’ve already had to mow the lawn twice [and should have gotten it done again before this weekend brought in the rain].

Both the Reverend Elf and I are living in an exhausted state.

But we ARE here.

50 mile views out across the lowlands into South Carolina… it would take over an hour just to drive across the width out there. Almost 1800′ above the flatland world below… if the weather rolls in, sometimes we are all the way up above the clouds, other times we are lost in the fog of the clouds themselves.

I have already found a couple of tree pairs for hanging my hammocks, the deer pass through almost every evening and can be seen grazing down the front slope in the mornings, the birdlife and birdsong are amazing, we have a half dozen varieties of butterflies…

Close to heaven, folks….


It’s Official…

On or about April 16th, 2019, the entire Château, in fact, the entire geographic area of the Moosenut Valley and Mt. Wannaseeamoose, staff and contents included, will be inserted sideways into a time space continuum and relocated to the east face of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina


The only difference to the denizens [and meaningless to you readers] is that we will be looking out from the 2800′ heights of Mt. Wannaseeamoose, rather than looking up at its majestic summit.


A Letter To Su T’ung Po

Almost a thousand years later
I am asking the same questions
you did the ones you kept finding
yourself returning to as though
nothing had changed except the tone
of their echo growing deeper
and what you knew of the coming
of age before you had grown old
I do not know any more now
than you did then about what you
were asking as I sit at night
above the hushed valley thinking
of you on your river that one
bright sheet of moonlight in the dream
of the waterbirds and I hear
the silence after your questions
how old are the questions tonight

Just an F.Y.I…

Until the Spring gives way to real camping season, this blog will be on hiatus.

My home here in western Maine has gone under contract to sell, and my energies are going to be focused there and in my transition to an, as yet, unknown location down along the western NC/SC border… [probably] the Foothills Trail/Cherohala Skyway area.

So, while I get my sh*t together, get moved, and get settled, the musings and ramblings about the minutiae/ dementiae of my life will be found over at a reconstituted blog called “Sightseeking America”.

Moosenut Falls will eventually revert to its original form about the outdoors, camping, hammocking, etc.

Preparedness for the Zombie Apocolyptiwhoopsageddon and Rapture Ascension

Quite seriously, preparedness is something I certainly believe in… I have a “home” bucket for power failures and weather related emergencies, I carry a “breakdown-and-stranded” bucket in the car trunk [there is also a repairs tool kit pouch and a pocket emergency kit in the door pocket]. I always carry one of my pocket emergency kits when I go out in the woods beyond my own backlot, and I am usually carrying the “knife/ light/ fire” essentials right in my front jeans pocket at all times.


As TV constantly reminds us, the lizard people, the fascists [or lib-tards], the zombies, or something is always just ahead to ruin our safe little lives. 2019 looks like a great year to get COMPLETELY up-to-date and stylin’ for whatever next end-of-world scenario comes along, and “RINO” has you covered in one of the best looking solutions… not necessarily the best preparedness package, but certainly the “best looking” I’ve seen.


$149 [vs $199 msrp] gets you just the bags.


$300 [$385 msrp] fills them with a full load-out of generic “survival stuff”!



Only three days left today [Feb 10, 2019], so, check them out on Kickstarter for yourself>>>

RINO Companion – The world’s most advanced two person 72 hour emergency survival system. Fusing unmatched organizationquality, and quick access – built to withstand whatever life throws your way.

  • I think it does truly look great, and super well-organized.
  • However, those great looking, snug fitting little packages seem limiting, and their build looks like it wastes space… give me stuff sacks and plastic bags, please.
  • The rigid “pack” looks small to me, and I question just how comfy it’s gonna be on your back.
  • It also doesn’t look like there is much room for your own gear… I mean, face it, you are going to want to take some stuff that doesn’t “live” permanently in the pack.

To each his own/ one size doesn’t fit all/ do your own thing/ it’s your money….. but, personally, I’ll pick-and-choose my own load-out of stuff of know/proven quality, and stick with my 5 gallon car bucket and a regular, soft sided backpack.

Shamanic Rites

The doors to the world of the wild self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door. 

-Clarissa Pinkola Estes

llustration by Sean Lewis